Build Your Brand With Sophisticated Social Media Management & Marketing Services

Make a powerful impression on the people you’re eager to reach. Running paid social media campaigns can be frustrating — and trying to find your ideal audience on social networks is even more so. We leverage your unique brand promise to help you attract the right kind of attention. Whether you’re cutting through the noise with sponsored content or building up your reputation, we’re here to craft a brilliant, data-backed paid and social strategy for you. As a full-service branding and marketing agency, we blend great content, strategic engagement, and detailed keyword research so you can achieve your goals sooner with social media management.

Build Your Brand With Sophisticated Social Media Management & Marketing Services

Make a powerful impression on the people you’re eager to reach. Running paid social media campaigns can be frustrating — and trying to find your ideal audience on social networks is even more so. We leverage your unique brand promise to help you attract the right kind of attention. Whether you’re cutting through the noise with sponsored content or building up your reputation, we’re here to craft a brilliant, data-backed paid and social strategy for you. As a full-service branding and marketing agency, we blend great content, strategic engagement, and detailed keyword research so you can achieve your goals sooner with social media management.

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Effective Paid and Social Media Campaigns Start with a Strong Message

The Internet is filled with content, so much so that users are overwhelmed. We know you have a compelling message for your ideal audience. To get it in front of them at the right times, you must work with the algorithm — sending the right content at the right time. At Vanquish Media, we combine our technical expertise in PPC and social networks with our story-driven marketing tactics. As a result, you capture the interest of your dream patrons, clients, and viewers. No more fighting to find your ideal keywords or social followers. No more struggling to refine your ad audience or create high-converting sponsored content. If you are wondering what the benefits of social media management are, we are here to help.

Grow Your Online Presence With Expert Social Media Management

Social media marketing is not difficult, but it is not for everyone. Anybody can make a post but the difference is being able to develop eye-catching content users want to consume. Your social media campaign deserves someone who not only can grow your online presence but who can take advantage of professionally made social media content. We specialize in content creation, brand makeovers, social media optimizations, social media management, and paid social advertising.


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Social Media Management & Marketing Services

Most business owners do not have time to manage their social media presence. Growing a social profile over top competitors takes a lot of manual work that an experienced agency who knows how to build a prosperous social media campaign can take care of. Hiring an intern to manage your profiles is a short-term strategy. Hiring our social media managers is the long-term strategy if you want to see results & sales increases come to fruition.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our comprehensive social media strategy elevates your brand through enhanced awareness, conversion-friendly funnels, and activation of your most passionate community of fans and customers. Go from passive posting to active engagement with our cross-channel, data-backed campaigns that encompass both sponsored and organic content.

Community-Building and Follower Engagement

Social media is social, but we know you don’t have time to engage with potential followers or respond to all comments. Let us help build intrigue and loyalty around your brand with our strategic engagement tactics, user-generated content curation, and full-service community management, including bot and spam reporting, with our social media campaign management.

Content Testing, Publishing, and Optimization

Whether you’re utilizing social media advertising or taking the organic approach, it’s important to craft your message specifically for each segment of your audience. Our careful content strategy entails competitor research, branded asset creation, content optimization for your chosen platforms, and data-rich tracking of your results. We’re here to help you break out of the trend of cookie-cutter content and start delivering enticing ads and posts every time.

Audience Research, Development, and Activation

We know that reaching the right people is crucial to your marketing goals. Our comprehensive audience development methodology incorporates competitor research, robust campaign testing, lead capture and retargeting, and lookalike audience creation. We do the legwork of finding your most engaged prospects, so you can focus on delivering the value and content they crave.

Cross-Platform Publishing, Testing, & Conversion Optimization

It takes 7 touchpoints to drive your ideal customer to action. When you connect with them on multiple digital channels, both paid and organic, it’s critical to tap into their buyer journey and immerse them into your brand. Our robust split-testing methodology, omnichannel messaging, and cross-platform programming will help you engage potential viewers, stakeholders, and customers of your film or project across the digital realm — and with a greater ROI for your social media advertising budget.

Livestreams and Virtual Events

Event marketing is the perfect way to engage your followers in a meaningful way and get them thrilled to be part of your brand’s community. Cultivate one-of-a-kind experiences and major digital engagement with live video, webinars, virtual events and communities, and more. This powerful tactic activates your ideal audience prior to your film release or project launch.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Our Social Media Management Services

With hundreds of options out there, how do you choose the right social media marketing agency? Well, let’s put it into perspective. Out of all of the agencies out there, you found yourself on our page. That is because our team has a full understanding of how to optimize for keywords, target the proper target audience, and use data analysis to our advantage. That’s enough hype from us. Here is what some of our clients have to say.

Being a non-profit with limited resources, it was challenging to find the path to take an idea and make it into a full blown campaign. But once we connected with Chase and the team at Vanquish Media, we knew our vision would become a reality. The team at Vanquish listened and delivered. Vanquish amazes with their abilities to be creative and strategic. Our passion became their passion. The greatest part of this journey has been the positive relationships formed and feeling as we are part of the Vanquish Media family.

Christine Buckley

Executive Director at Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Our Social Media Strategy

1 Consultation

We review your brand story, marketing goals, and target audience so we can help you conquer both paid and organic media channels.

2 Research

We research your ideal prospects and plan out a cross-channel strategy that leverages your core message(s) to attract their attention.

3 Strategy

We prepare a comprehensive content marketing strategy, including conversion funnels, PPC campaigns, social content pipelines, target hashtags and keywords, and more.

4 Development

We start engaging with your ideal audience as we craft a compelling digital presence for your brand and project.



We created a custom social strategy roadmap to garner an engaged audience and build momentum towards release day. We identified the target audiences, built targeted ad campaigns, and organized influencer and cross-promotion opportunities across social media. Leveraging known talent and industry experts was crucial in the great success of Fishbowl’s release.


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Ready to Connect With Your Ideal Audience?

Our data-backed, omnichannel approach to paid and social media marketing allows us to leverage your brand story into an engaging, sustainable combination of content and community. Let’s collaborate on turning your vision into a powerful digital experience for your target audience.