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The Stuck movie, based on the musical stage play by Riley Thomas, combines first-class acting with original uplifting songs to show how love and compassion can blossom in unexpected ways and bridge the gap between people, even perfect strangers.

Set in the New York City subway, Stuck revolves around six strangers who find themselves trapped with each other after their train breaks down. Absorbed in their own lives, they barely notice each other, and then only through a lens of preconceived notions.

Stuck Film Poster

STUCK (2019) 

STUCK - trailer


The challenge of every new film release is to generate as much return as possible, relative to spend.  With varying strategies for theatrical releases vs. SVOD.  In the case of the film Stuck, we were brought on to drive traffic towards the April 19th limited theater premiere.  And to make things even more challenging, we only had two weeks prior to work our magic.

Stuck Film

Stuck (2019)


Our solution was to create a full-scale creative marketing strategy and road-map. This included identifying proper target audiences and aligned organizations to our cause, determining media spend, optimizing deployment, creating content, and growing awareness and engagement through a variety of creative marketing campaigns. Our ability to leverage organic grassroots amplification for all these tactics was crucial in generating word-of-mouth buzz as well as leveraging third-party support on aligned social platforms and community forums.


A hyper-targeted social media strategy was created to identify and engage audiences on FacebookInstagram, Google and YouTube with a particular set of interests and behaviors. From musical theater lovers, to Ashanti fans, we split-tested and optimized audience persona to leverage the paid and social media campaigns.

Paid Media


In addition to creating, launching, and managing a detailed paid media campaign, we included additional grassroots efforts, to reach this film's core audience.  We provided assets to a variety of fan pages, theatrical groups, and general fans of the film's main stars.  Thus helping boost the organic engagement of this campaign.

Web Traffic


Because the value of our adds were most impactful on the April 19th, we tailored the ad spend to build up, peaking on the release day, and fueling traffic through the weekend showing.  We were pleased to see our strategy work, as show by the graphic above.

Stuck Facebook Traffic


One of our main driving forces behind the jump in traffic and engagement was Facebook.  We created a super custom campaign to specifically target the right audiences at a very reasonable cost.  These efforts were also geared toward driving the most available traffic to friday's release day.  Over the life the campaign we were please to see the Stuck assets reached over 6 million, people generating over 100,000 clicks.

Ashanti visits today show to talk about film stuck (2019)


The premiere of Stuck was a huge success.  Ashanti, one of the film's main stars, made numerous national appearances, like the one above, on the Today Show..  The film opened up in 16 unique marketing, including:  Chicago, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia,Tampa, Charlotte, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Columbus, Cleveland, Houston, Dallas, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Denver. Following the successful theatrical release, we're working closely with the film's producers to keep the campaign moving through video on demand placement.