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Documenting the evolution music in film with the foremost film composers of our time. Score is a documentary that illustrates how the first few notes on a piano keyboard end up in the most dramatic moments of a film's emotional climax. Turning the spotlight on the creative struggles that make up a major motion picture score, Score showcases the way the world's top soundsmiths solve musical challenges - from the creative to the technical.


score (2017) 

score - trailer


Score looked to expand critical and audience acclaim through an initially small theatrical run and limited paid media spend, leveraging it’s incredible cast of composers and BTS glimpse at some of cinema’s most iconic scores and soundtracks.


hans zimmer - score


Our solution was to create a full-scale creative marketing strategy and road-map. This included identifying proper target audiences and aligned organizations to our cause, determining media spend, optimizing deployment, creating content, and growing awareness and engagement through a variety of creative marketing campaigns. Our ability to leverage organic grassroots amplification for all these tactics was crucial in generating word-of-mouth buzz as well as leveraging third-party support on aligned social platforms  and community forums.

web design

Audience engagement and awareness began with the creation of a custom website that was used as the center point of all marketing efforts.  With it's sleek and simple design, the official Score site tells the story of the film, and provides useful links and media designed to engage audiences, capture interested leads, and drive theatrical and VOD sales through each unique phase of distribution. 


social media

A hyper-targeted social media strategy was created to identify and engage audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a particular set of interests and behaviors.  In addition special digial pieces were created for strategic media spends, including social ads, banners ads, and video pre-rolls.

content creation

We created composer spotlights, cinemagraphs, and custom ‘Know Your Score’ personality quizzes with a variety of award-winning filmmakers, composers, and producers.  Specific content was create to help engage members of the film.



Score ended 2016 as one of the best documentaries of the year.  The film has a 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating and is rated 7.5/10 on  IMDB. It earned over $100,000 in theatrical sales, with limited release.  The film was the #1 documentary on iTunes for over 5 weeks straight, and a top 10 doc for the year.  The film has won a slew of awards, and to this day sees strong online engagement and on-demand purchases.  The score campaigns was a huge success, doing well both theoretically and online.