Be Memorable with Story-Driven Identity, Strategy, & Brand Development

Like our favorite movies and books, great stories make an impact. We remember them so well that we quote them in everyday conversation. When we tell a story well, we encourage people to remember it — and share it with others. That same memorability is at the heart of every powerful brand. The key is to turn your project into an engaging story for the right audience. As a full-service marketing firm, we provide you with an innovative and effective brand identity and brand development process.

Be Memorable with Story-Driven Identity, Strategy, & Brand Development

Like our favorite movies and books, great stories make an impact. We remember them so well that we quote them in everyday conversation. When we tell a story well, we encourage people to remember it — and share it with others. That same memorability is at the heart of every powerful brand. The key is to turn your project into an engaging story for the right audience. As a full-service marketing firm, we provide you with an innovative and effective brand identity and brand development process.

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Capturing Your Dream Audience

Building a new brand is much more than designing a logo and whipping up a tagline. It’s about finding your voice, identifying your values, and putting it all together to craft an exciting experience for your audience. The number-one reason that projects don’t find their crowd is that they’re out of sync with their target consumers. A strong brand identity is a foundation for a powerful marketing campaign. But to make it work, you need brand-building strategies that highlight your project’s most compelling story.

Work With Brand Development Experts In LA

Whether you are looking to create an identity, build your brand development, or develop a branding guide, Vanquish Media Group is here to help.


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Our Brand Development Services

Brand Identity Formation

We help you develop and refine your brand’s essential elements, from your look and feel to your core promise to your most impactful messages. Once we’ve assembled these into a cohesive package, we have a go-to brand guide for all your brand development efforts.

Strong Brand-Building

To establish your brand, you need effective brand-building tactics to connect with your audience. Getting potential viewers and consumers to engage with your project is critical to developing your brand. We’ll help you find the right mix, whether that’s social media, PR campaigns, or viral marketing.

Brand Alignment Strategy

If your marketing efforts don’t mesh with your target audience’s interests, your project will struggle to compete with the crowd. Our alignment tactics help you position your project within the right market, paving the way for your brand’s growth.

Branded Collateral

Inconsistency is the enemy of loyalty. To captivate and convert your engaged audience, you must deliver an experience they’ll love, no matter where they encounter you. We ensure that all your print and digital media align with and fully express your brand for ultimate recognizability.

Reputation Management

Make the rumor mill work for you. Getting people to talk about your project is crucial to building your own brand — however, you need to stay in the conversation as well. We’re here to help you refine your brand reputation across social and earned media.

Continual Brand Development

Like a story, a brand is a living thing that sounds different every time it’s told. Consistent messaging and strategic engagement will help your project achieve a sustainable brand presence that keeps the momentum going.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Our Brand Development Services

With thousands of brands out there, how do you choose the right brand development strategy? Through careful story-driven evolution, our branding experts create a branding guide that captures the user’s attention.  

Vanquish has changed the way others see us and we see ourselves. Their market awareness, storytelling, and presentation abilities are remarkable and they have become a valued collaborator with our team and an essential element of our most important projects. I wouldn’t make a move without Vanquish and you shouldn’t either.

Brian Layer

RL Leaders - President

Our Brand Development Strategy

1 Consultation

We identify the core brand story behind your project, then review your marketing goals and target audience so we can develop your brand development strategy. 

2 Research

We map out the messages and values you share with your audience, as well as how you can stand out from your competitors.

3 Strategy

We develop a brand-building toolkit with all the right tactics, collateral, and messaging to help your project’s story become memorable.

4 Execution

We put your customized brand strategy into action, creating a brand that supports your goals and endures in your target audience’s minds and hearts.


Acer: Mixed Reality

The solution for Acer was to show the product in action in a variety of use-cases by a gamut of consumers. And there is no better way to do that than through video. We wanted to show the product in action and in the hands of targeted users who would likely become potential customers. So Vanquish Media Group went to work putting together a comprehensive series of TV commercials geared towards teaching audiences about this amazing new product, demonstrating its versatility, and encourage adoption of a new technology & device in one fell swoop. We were responsible for the development, production, and deployment of 16 unique video assets for web, social, and TV distribution that were later used in extensive domestic and international campaigns throughout Europe and Asia.

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Our detail-oriented and insightful approach to brand identity and alignment allows you to connect your project with the people who will most appreciate it — and spread the word about it. Let’s collaborate on building a powerful brand that encourages loyal followers, passionate engagement, and sustainable success.